LED lighting for vivid game play
Hits and awards are linked to the LEDs

App controlled Customizable LED colors
Optional “LED dart mat” and Smart bulb “PHILIPS hue” linked with Granboard 3s, lighting the entire room

MicroUSB port (USB adapter capable of supplying 2.4 amps is required and Not included)
Compatible with online match “GRAN ONLINE”

Highest level of quietness
Equipped with an outer sensor (the sensitivity can be adjusted with the app)

More than 30 games included
Various game options such as in / out and number of rounds can be set

Equipped with a handicap function (auto, manual)

Maintenance is possible with optional repair parts
Includes form case made of sturdy ABS material

Includes 3 screws, USB cable, and installation guide
Compatible with plastic brackets (sold separately)

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Additional information

Weight4.2 kg
Dimensions57 × 57 × 4 cm

Blue, Green, White

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