Looking for a fun and unique way to decorate your home, office or bar? Check out our selection of themed street art by KSINO, Jason of Butter Beats. We have everything you need to create a stylish and fun-filled space, to attract people to your business or show off your home entertainment room. We cater for any ideas and customise your space to your needs.

We use high-quality paint products and offer packages for pubs, clubs, man caves, your office, kids rooms, pro players and steel tip spaces that suits your budget. Shop with us today and see the difference a professional graffiti artist can make to your dart board space.

Package 1

3m by 3m Artwork

Package 2

6m by 6m Artwork

Package 3

Home feature wall with home Dart Board of your choice

– Installation
– Painting prep
– Artwork of your choice
– Electronic dartboard of your choice
    * Vdarts H3, Vdarts H4, Granboard3s
– Dart Shooter throw mat
– Darts & replacement tips

Artist bio:
KASINO awa Jason Woodward

The owner of Buttter Beats and renowned Kasino!

Jason first tagged a train in 1984 on the way to school and he has not stopped painting since. Over the last thirty-five years he has painted hundreds of trains with some of the world’s best writers; SEEN, BLADE, POEM, WEN, WANE as well as walls with DUSTER, BATES, ZEPHYR, HOW, NOSM, CAN 2, and many others. He has taken thousands of photos of his and others’ graffiti work since 1986. He is a collector by nature and has over 8,000 graffiti photos in his archives as well as blackbooks, videos, magazines, newspaper articles and other paraphernalia.

In 1997 he was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship, for his community artwork with the Indigenous communities he grew up with in Inala, Ipswich and Goodna. He used this opportunity to study with TWIST in San Francisco, CRASH in N.Y.C. and LOOMIT in Munich. In 1998 he completed his Master’s Degree at the Queensland University of Technology. His gallery work has included exhibitions at the Queensland Institute Of Modern Art, the Powerhouse Museum, and the Gallery of Modern Art. Collectors of his artwork can be found in countries from varied as Japan and Germany.

He published eight issues of Blitzkrieg graffiti magazine distributing over 45,000 copies worldwide. Jason also produced the 183 Graffiti Videozine and the B-BOY BUSK – STREET DEMON video which was distributed in the United States. His artwork has been featured in numerous books including Uncommissioned Art The A-Z of Australian Graffiti by Christine Dew, Hip Hop Files by Martha Cooper, and Darco Code Art by Gautier Bischoff. Jason has authored several books including Born

 Tpo Bomb – Highlights From A Lowlife Brisbane Graffiti 1985-1992 and Opening Sale – Hand Painted Signs of Queensland.

Jason opened Butter Beats record and street art store, in 1998 and it has branches in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The store has released a series of limited edition art tees with graffiti artists such as TAVEN, MR E, DOGFIGHT, BROKE, SEIZ, TEKNO, Shep Fairey, Mike GIANT, SNARL and others. Jason always enjoys collaborating with other artists and making projects happen. His ONE EIGHT THREE record label has put out nineteen records, including vinyl releases from Hip Hop and funk groups such as THE WINNIE COOPERS, AFRO DIZZI ACT, KERBSIDE COLLECTION, and THE MASTER. For fifteen years he produced Kings Cans an Australian-made spray wwwwpaint. He still paints regularly and loves graffiti as much as he did as a kid.