Professional Model

GRANBOARD, the world’s first app compatible electronic at-home dartboard. Now with newly equipped LEDs, prepare to be amped as the dazzling lights replicate the feeling and environment of playing on a professional dartboard.

Customized Colors





The Best Dart Experience At Your Home

LED lighting for vivid game play
Hits and awards are linked to the LEDs

App controlled Customizable LED colors
Optional “LED dart mat” and Smart bulb “PHILIPS hue” linked with Granboard 3s, lighting the entire room

MicroUSB port (USB adapter capable of supplying 2.4 amps is required and Not included)
Compatible with online match “GRAN ONLINE”

Highest level of quietness
Equipped with an outer sensor (the sensitivity can be adjusted with the app)

More than 30 games included
Various game options such as in / out and number of rounds can be set

Equipped with a handicap function (auto, manual)

Maintenance is possible with optional repair parts
Includes form case made of sturdy ABS material

Includes 3 screws, USB cable, and installation guide
Compatible with plastic brackets (sold separately)


The first dedicated secondary camera for dartboards.

Equipped with a 2MP camera
Featuring Dynamic Auto Zoom
Auto Zoom on Hat trick chances
Auto Zoom on Ton80 chances
Auto Zoom on Doubleout checkouts
Auto After Zoom during Cricket
Simple one-time setup
Auto sleep / Auto Wake feature
Camera flip
Adjustable lighting settings
Adjustable resolution settings
Small compact size is unobtrusive
Power: USB Type-C (*cable and power adapter not included)


The New & Improved LED Gran LED Carpet is the perfect way to set the mood for your game.

GRANBOARD3s Easy connection with GRANBOARD3s with a USB cable, LED action interlocks without time lag. Even with the mat alone, the LED shines in rainbow colors, creating a darts space at home like a stage.
360-grain negotiation degree LED is placed on both sides of the mat. Enliven hits and awards with gorgeous light.
The LED reel comes with Velcro so it can be easily installed on the mat. Also, even if you step on the LED and break it, you can purchase the LED reel as a repair part, so you can rest assured.
  • Contents include: Mat, LED Strip x2, Circuit Box, USB Cable x2, Instruction Manual
  • Dimensions: 118 x 23.6
  • GRAN Mat does not include a USB adapter.
  • GRAN MAT requires a 2.4A (12W) or higher USB power adapter.